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Your Beauty Booty is Go!

Perhaps I'm exceptionally high maintenance, but the rules about only taking 100ml of liquid when you fly, and having to use those nasty plastic bags to put your hand luggage cosmetics in, is something that makes me furious every time I go on a trip.

I think my packing time has doubled since these regulations, I now spend hours decanting all my best-loved goodies into tiny bottles, as I always worry about spillages if I pack my Clinique with my Chloe.

So I absolutely adore the idea of getting my holiday beauty kit sent directly to me. HQhair have just launched a holiday service where they'll send your Swimcap, (£16), and Amazing Grace, (£18), straight to your hotel. You can pre-order your holiday must-haves, so they'll be there when you arrive, or if you get to St Tropez and find you've forgotten your St Tropez, they'll whisk it to you, so it arrives in the next 2-3 days.

You just pay postage and packaging (£3.50 for Europe for the first item, 70p for additional items) and voila – your full-size, signature beauty booty. It's best for items like sunscreen and body lotion that you'll use up whilst on holiday and won't have to lug home. Don't go overboard though, you do have to carry them back to the UK yourself, remember!

So add it to your pre-holiday list. To be on the safe side, log on a week before you fly and order your stash. Like having your own personal butler. Almost...

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