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Hair Grip Winged Liner Hack

The Perfect Winged Eyeliner Hack Tool You Already Have at Home

There are so many hacks and tricks to the perfect winged liner, but all of them still look quite difficult to achieve or the tools are sold out or indefinitely unavailable. And let's be honest, most of us don't want to spend 15 minutes in the morning correcting our not-so-Instagram-ready cat eye. But the newest hack on the block is using a simple hair grip to achieve that perfected cat eye shape. Malia from @beautynmalia shared her foolproof hack to getting the best cat-eye shape without being a pro at doing it freehand. The tutorial shows how she applies liquid liner to the end of the hair grip then uses it as a stamp to apply to the outer edge of the eye to create a wing that only needs to then be filled in with liner. The hair grip eliminates having to draw the same shape on each eye and leaves a more even application.

Watch Malia's video to master the hair grip cat eye for the easiest liner application yet!

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