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How-To: Maggie Gyllenhaal's Red Carpet Lips

How-To: Maggie Gyllenhaal's Red Carpet Lips

I am such a sucker for Maggie Gyllenhaal's pretty, yet unconventional beauty looks. She always appears kooky and cool – even when her makeup is red-carpet polished. Most of all, she looks like she's having fun.

At the New York Premiere of The Dark Knight, – Maggie looked glowing, with dewy skin and show-stopping red lips.

Here's some easy tips for getting her makeup look:

  • Use a light, sheer foundation, such as Clinique Gentle Light Makeup, (£18.50), for a luminous effect. Set with some loose, translucent powder.
  • Add a touch of natural-looking blusher, in a warm shade, like NYC, in peach, (£2.99), from Superdrug.
  • This look is all about the lips, so keep eyes neutral. A light, toffee-coloured eyeshadow, such as Bourjois in Brun Irreel, (£5.75), and black mascara is all you need.
  • Choose a lipstick that's a true red, with no brown or orange in it. If you're pale, a blue-red colour will work best. I like Nars, in Scarlet Empress, (£17).
  • For luminous shoulders, and toned upper arms – use a rich moisturiser, with anti-aging properties, like Clarins Renew Plus Body Serum, (£33).


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