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How to Apply a Cat Eye With a Tweezer

All You Need to Finally Master a Flawless Cat Eye Is Your Tweezer

Figuring out how to precisely apply liquid liner is one skill, but transferring that talent into a perfect winged eye is far more challenging. That's why in recent years, a bevy of crafty stencils and stamps have hit the market. However, one beauty influencer demonstrated that you already have the key to a perfect cat eye in your makeup bag . . . and it's your tweezer.

Above, RubiiT takes her pair of tweezers and, pinching them shut, paints her L'OrΓ©al Superstar Liner (Β£7) along the side of the tool all the way up to the point. She presses the inked-up side along her lid (with the tip functioning as the wing!) creating a faux stamp and finishes the look by filling in the empty stencilled space. The process takes all of 20 seconds and appears seamless.

Watch the video above to see how it works in full, but be careful if you try this at home: tweezers can be very sharp!

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