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How To Be Attractive. Expert and Scientific Beauty Tips for Seduction.

Rules of Attraction: Seduction Beauty Part 1

I would never dare to suggest that we only make ourselves look beautiful to attract the attention of men, but let's face it, it's always nice to be noticed for the right reasons. While red lips and long blonde hair are often easily dismissed as male-magnet cliches; in terms of evolution we are genetically programmed to find certain traits attractive. A symmetrical face, for example, is well known to signal healthiness while a recent survey showed that men find women with 'typically feminine' faces more attractive.

While I'm a great believer in celebrating your own individual beauty and also experimenting with different looks for fun, not to hook a man, it's intriguing to know which beauty tools you can use in your armour to be utterly irresistable to the opposite sex. Just read more for the scientific approach to seductive beauty:

  • Wear makeup. The link between attractiveness and hormone levels in a woman is lost when we wear makeup and scent. However, according to the Independent both men and women judge full facial makeup to be more attractive in a woman than wearing no makeup at all. As if we needed an excuse!
  • Darken your eyes. Apparently the most beautiful women have a strong contrast between the darkness of their eyes and the paleness of the surrounding skin. Make like Dita von Teese and play up your eyes with dark liner and lashings of mascara.
  • Shine on. Full, kissable lips are currently idealised partly due to Hollywood stars like Angelina Jolie. Men generally favour full-lipped women so fake it with an optical illusion lip gloss like Boots 17 Ultimate Volume Lipgloss, (£3.79). Alternatively, a dab of good old-fashioned Vaseline, (36p), will do the trick.
  • Ditch the lipstick. Apparently full eye-makeup and foundation are thought to be most attractive, while lipstick is not necessarily considered an enhancement to beauty.
  • Confidence is still the best weapon of seduction and it matters much more than body shape. Take up a confidence-boosting activity like yoga which also improves posture.


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