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How to Be Bold in the New Year with Stella McCartney

POPSUGAR / sponsored by / Stella McCartney

Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Diggy Lloyd

We teamed up with Stella McCartney to explore the important role a bold new scent can play in one's quest for more authentic self-expression.

Some may find it cliché, but ending the year with your sights set on new goals and accomplishments for the one to come is refreshing.
In place of what's usually a long list of general changes, this year I'm setting small but daring intentions that I know will lead me to a bolder, more confident expression of who I am.

Being More Comfortable at Work

Finding your voice in a room full of confident people can be a little intimidating, no matter how sure you are of yourself. I'd like to grow more comfortable and self-assured in my role in 2017. And because I know being bold includes being yourself, I won't venture to be the loudest voice in the room; instead I'm aiming to express myself as clearly and confidently as possible.

Wearing a Perfume That's an Expression of Me

Perfume is a seemingly small aspect of your day that can make a big difference. As an everyday reminder of my bold new goals, I'll be armouring myself in the fresh and irreverent scent of POP by Stella McCartney, which is the perfect expression of my bold new outlook.

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Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Diggy Lloyd