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How to Contour Your Butt With Makeup

No, Your Butt Does Not Need to Be Contoured

I have been a strong proponent of contouring long before the Kardashians ever became famous. I lightly chisel my cheekbones every morning with bronzer and carve out an extra 30 minutes for big events so I can sculpt my features to perfection.

My interest in contouring doesn't come from dissatisfaction in my natural appearance, but out of my passion for cosmetics and how I look with a little something extra. Though I've been experimenting with makeup for 15 years, it still surprises and delights me how a dab of cream or powder can transform one's appearance.

So then, you can imagine that I was not particularly disturbed by all the iterations of body contouring, including abs, cleavage, legs, and even the back of the neck. Who cares if someone wants to accentuate their features with a bit of makeup?

But the video above of butt contouring really frustrated me. It's not even the fact that someone will believe that this is the best way to lift a flat or saggy tush . . . it's that applying the sculpting technique to one's booty is completely impractical.

First of all, I couldn't even tell that there was a difference between the original and madeover butt. Despite all the contouring cream that was slathered on the area, it looked the same afterwards. And furthermore, unless you are sculpting your seat right before a boudoir photo shoot or for a bikini'd Instagram during your beach holiday, you're just going to leave streaks everywhere. And I don't know about you, but leaving brown smudges around from my behind would make me more insecure than a bit of cellulite ever could.

If you really want a perfectly toned tush, you need squats in your life. But if you're hellbent on taking the easy way out, for heaven's sake, use self-tanner! It will last through sweating, swimming, and sex . . . and won't leave behind any creamy brown smears.

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