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How to Create a Faux Bob

How to Transform Your Curls Into a Faux Bob Without Any Tools

You've got the hair many dream of having, but it isn't without time, effort, and dedication to the 'do. Having curly hair comes with its challenges but it's a beautiful reward. Although, sometimes you might just get a little bored of it. However, going for a different look when you've perfected your curl technique can be a risk you probably aren't willing to take.

Enter Sarah Angius, hair guru and hack queen that will show you how to have a bob for a day. Her technique is simply holding a tiny strand of hair and pulling the rest of the hairs upwards towards the head. In doing this technique she is creating volume without the harsh nature of backcombing with a fine comb, which could potentially harm the tight curls. Watch the short tutorial above and see how Sarah transforms her hair using this simple technique. This hack will ensure a faux bob without sacrificing the curls you spent months perfecting. Now, where can we buy a hair diffuser to get curls like hers?

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