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How to Cut Your Own Fringe | Instagram Video

This Video Proves You Can Cut Your Own Fringe Without Ruining Your Hair

I had a fringe for the first decade or so of my life and promptly grew it out once I got to secondary school. It wasn't just because I couldn't be trusted to wash regularly (dry shampoo wasn't popular back then!), but it's also because fringe maintenance is far too rigorous.

If your hair grows quickly like mine does, you know the struggle: you have to visit the salon every two weeks just to make sure your vision isn't impaired . . . or you can take matters into your own hands. If you're not coordinated or skillful with a pair of scissors, your bangs can transform from a nice little accent to a living nightmare.

However, Instagram user kamilabravo demonstrated in a brief video on her feed that you don't need to feel terrorised by a quick trim. This method works best for face-framing fringe, but I could see it being effective on a more cropped style, too. Dampen your fringe, then tautly twist the hair. After taking your natural texture into account (remember, your locks will appear shorter once they've dried, but curly hair will shrink even more), snip away. You should be cutting your mane a few centimetres below where you want your fringe to hit. Then style as usual. You'll see a perfectly trimmed fringe that you achieved yourself with nearly zero effort.

Don't believe me? Watch the video yourself and prepare to be amazed. You may even feel inspired to try a fringe again!

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