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How Do I Shave My Pubic Hair?

How to Shave Your Pubic Hair, According to a Porn Star

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I have never acted in a porno, but it looks like it would be a lot of work. For one, it seems like the gig requires a strong enthusiasm for cardio. Second, porn stars probably need a damn good setting spray to ensure that their makeup stays put in between takes.

"To me, shaving is like being your own artist."

But for me, a woman whose razors haven't seen the light of day since shorts season ended, perhaps the thing that gives me the most anxiety is wondering what the hell those women do with their pubic hair. Let's face it: the mainstream porn industry is somewhat stuck in the laser-or-perish mentality of the Carrie Bradshaw generation. Recently, during a rather . . . interesting . . . afternoon, I spent about an hour on PornHub and could count the amount of bushes I saw on one lonely finger.

Whether or not you decide to rip every last hair follicle off your entire body or would rather just bring back the bush is your own damn decision. However, if you do want to sport a fur-free snatch, there's probably no better hair-removal plan to follow than that of a porn star.

I reached out to adult film actress Dillion Harper (Instagram NSFW, obviously) to get her expert tips. While I plan to let The Duchess (my hoo-ha's term of endearment) do her thing this Valentine's Day, please allow Dillion's advice to be your candle in the wind should you decide to bust out your razor on Feb. 14.

"To me, shaving is like being your own artist," Dillion said. "You're able to style your [pubic hair] any way you like." Due to the nature of her work and thickness of her hair, Dillion admits to shaving every day. She sticks to shaving because, in her own words, she doesn't have the "balls" to try waxing or laser.

Though Dillion flirted with applying Nair to her pubic hair because she thought it would be an "easy, painless process," she discovered the hard way that the cream is meant for removing fuzz from the arms, legs, and bikini line, not the vulva. "Let's just say it's nothing I would wish upon my worst enemy," she said. Shaving it is!

Dillion's ritual begins like any wash & blow-dry: first, she shampoos and conditions her hair. Then, "always working with a fresh razor," she lathers on shaving cream. Her go-to formula is Cremo (£11). According to Dillion, "It's a moisturiser and shaving cream all in one. I love the coconut mango smell."

Too much moisture in your vagina can unbalance your body's natural pH level and might end in a yeast infection.

Then it's time to get in there! "Use two fingers to split your [labia] as you shave," Dillion recommends. She uses a Gillette Venus Swirl Five-Blade Flexiball Razor (£9) to do the deed. While Dillion shaves everything — including the inside of her labia — she advises first-timers to be careful. If you're nervous about (eek!) cutting something, she says that "you can shave a little above your lips and a little above your clitoris." Then, after you get out of the shower, you can opt to trim any stray hairs with a pair of scissors.

After Dillion is done, she likes to blow-dry her pubes. "After you wash, don't forget to fluff things out," she said. The purpose is twofold. Not only is a nether-region blowout weirdly luxurious, but it's also just a smart idea. Too much moisture in your vagina can unbalance your body's natural pH level and might result in the development of a yeast infection.

So while Dillion suggests rubbing aloe vera onto your lady bits or pressing a hot towel down there to reduce irritation, she doesn't want you to go HAM with the postshave soothing liquids. "You can add a little moisturiser, but make sure it is just a dab," she said. "You don't want the area to be too moist."

Once you're done towelling off, it's time to get out there! Go get 'em, tiger.

How Do I Shave My Pubic Hair?
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How Do I Shave My Pubic Hair?
Gillette Venus Swirl Five-Blade Flexiball Razor
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