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How Fake Nails Cost 1 Man His Job

After nearly a decade of dedicated service, an Albuquerque man was fired from his job at US supermarket Smith's for wearing fake nails to work. "I went into work and everything was fine, and then two hours into my shift, I got called into the office saying I'm terminated because of my nails," explained Dominic Lopez, who has been wearing fake nails for the past three years without any issues. Everything changed, however, when he went into work wearing bright pink nail polish. His employers asked him to change the colour and shorten the tips, but despite doing so for his shift the following day, he was let go. "I just didn't know what to say," said Dominic. "After nine years, I was literally in shock."

Local station KRQE News 13 did a little digging and chatted with one manager of Smith's, who said she knew that if Dominic returned to the store with fake nails again, he would be let go because it was against policy. When asked if that policy applied to both genders, the manager said, "It's because he's a guy." KRQE News 13 reported that Smith's dress code encourages personal style, so long as employees are well groomed and follow standards, which were not elaborated upon.

While we would understand if he was let go because he was breaking established rules, it seems that Dominic (who plans to fight the firing) was just expressing himself — something no one had an issue with for three years. And considering he was coming up on his 10-year anniversary with the company, he was a loyal, hardworking employee.

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