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How to Get Bryce Dallas Howard's Eclipse Premiere Hairstyle!

How to Get Bryce Dallas Howard's Eclipse Premiere Hairstyle!

It's only four days until the next installment of the Twilight Saga Eclipse launches in the UK, and already I'm excited! Last week the movie was officially unveiled in Los Angeles and the glamour stakes were high, not least from new cast member Bryce Dallas Howard who has joined the lineup replacing Rachelle Levefre as the vampire Victoria. Bryce worked a luscious Grecian style for the event, her red hair half tied back with loose bangs, the rest hanging freely in gentle glossy curls. The look was created by legendary hairstylist David Babaii, in association with Moroccanoil. Check it out!

To find out how David created the look, just read more.

THE VIBE: Bridget Bardot glamour, accented by a subtle 1960s beehive and luminous rich red curls.

STEP 1: PREPARATION: "I prepared Bryce's hair by applying a small amount of argan oil-infused original Moroccanoil Treatment (£33.95) when it was damp. This works great before blow-drying to condition as it strengthens and protect strands from the heat of the curling iron as well as eliminating any sign of frizz or static. Once the hair was dry, I applied Moroccanoil Hydrating Styling Cream (£21.85) to the palm of my hands then randomly finger-combed sections of the hair for natural looking hold."

STEP 2: TIE THE HAIR BACK: "After making a center part, I used a curling iron to form loose, flowing waves that were easy to work and to tuck behind the ears. I then gently teased the hair at the crown to create a suggestion of a Bardot bee-hive, pinned the sides, and left a soft cascade of gorgeous hair flowing down her back."

STEP 3: INSTANT SHINE: "I lightly misted Bryce's hair using Moroccanoil Glimmer Shine Spray (£14.25). It's great to give the hair a luminous ethereal look and gives a beautiful colour under the bright lights on the red carpet."

STEP 4: THE FINAL FLOURISH: "To hold the hair in place without compromising on shine or movement, I finished the style with new Moroccanoil Luminous Hair Spray (£36.33 coming soon in the UK), which is blended with Moroccanoil's exclusive argan oil-infused formula. It sprays on in a soft mist, but holds all night long and leaves the hair really touchable."


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