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How to Grow Out Fringe

Your Ultimate Guide to Growing Out Your Fringe Gracefully

We get it. We've all looked at photos of Alexa Chung/Taylor Swift/Brigitte Bardot and thought we could rock a fringe, too . . . until the day we decided we couldn't live with all that hair in our face for one more day. But never fear — the great thing about hair is that it grows, so here are our tips on how to make the best of a growing-out situation.

  1. First off, take a look at your fringe. Is it all one length? If not, you need to work on evening it out. A lot of styles are shorter towards the middle and a bit longer on the sides. Wait until the shortest part of your fringe reaches just above your lashes, and then trim the sides (just a touch!) so that the hair is all the same length. It will be much easier to manage this way.
  2. Hair accessories are now officially your best friends. Indulge in some retail therapy and pick up a new sparkly clip or fun patent-leather headband to help get you through the next few months.
  3. Focus on styles that help the fringe blend into the rest of your hair. Try parting the front of your hair in the centre, twisting it off to either side, and securing it with clips. This might work better when your fringe is a bit longer, but if you twist quite tightly and use a holding product, it should stay in. For extra grip, try twisting some of the longer hair from the side of your head in with the shorter pieces.
  4. If you are going to push the fringe back with a headband, use a styling pomade to smooth it back into the rest of your hair first. Otherwise, the ends will stick straight up behind the band. Alternatively, pin the fringe back with kirby grips, and place a headband or tie a hair ribbon right over the grips to conceal them.
  5. Play around with your parting. A side parting is a flattering way to conceal fringes as they grow out, and it will soften the edges by giving the illusion of layers. While hair is still wet, apply a medium-hold styling gel or cream to your bangs, then part and smooth to either side. Pin it back if drying naturally (use a large clip to avoid putting a dent in your hair) or brush to one side while blow-drying. If your fringe is still in the shorter stage, you may need to apply some moulding wax once dry to get the hair to stay off to the side.
  6. If you're struggling with the styling options, you can grow out your fringe and keep it at the same time — allow us to explain. Pin back the top section of your fringe, leaving wispy, short pieces underneath. Keep those short while growing out just the top section. You will have to keep it pinned back constantly or under a headband, but this allows you to skip the "growing-out look" altogether and keep a softer finish. Once the top pieces are long enough, you can blend your shorter pieces into these longer layers until they are grown out completely.
Image Source: Getty / Ian Gavan
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