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How To Look Good with a Hangover. Beauty Tips from BellaSugar UK

Morning-After Glory Part 2

So by night you're a wild child, Kate Moss-alike, scampering from club to party, looking smoky eyed and sizzling.

And by day? Well, if you're starting to resemble Frankenstein's sister, after too many late nights and not enough kip – here's the second part of my guide to looking beautiful, the morning-after the night-before.

So if your manager is starting to roll her eyes at your under eye luggage, but the invites show no signs of stopping – read more to follow these simple tips and practice saying "Party? What party?"

  • Before going to sleep, apply a little spot gel, to any blemishes. I like Spot-On by Liz Earle, (£7.50). Lavender, tea tree and melissa oil work to give you super clear skin. Now, you just have to work on your conscience!
  • Don't pile on the makeup – however tempting. Make sure that your base is light, anything too heavy or matte will just make you look tired and sallow.
  • if you have time, apply Dermalogica's Multivitamin Power Recovery Masque, (£21.35), for five minutes in the morning. It includes antioxidants and Vitamins A and C, to increase suppleness and give you a glow– so you can keep your makeup light.
  • Even if it's a huge effort, always wash and blow dry hair. If you look clean and glossy, people will be fooled into thinking you feel clean and glossy too!
  • Use a fresh-smelling perfume, as oppose to one that's overly musky. Try the new Bobbi Brown Almost Bare. It includes bergamot and jasmine for a fresh, yet feminine effect.
  • Mascara will make you look wide-awake. Use one that is extra-curling, such as L'Oreal Panoramic Curl, (£6.99).
  • Try dotting a touch of highlighter, such as Boots No 7 Illuminating Lotion, (£10.50), just below the brows and on the inner corners of the eyes to make you look fresh and wide-eyed.


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