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How to Look Prettier With an App

This Spellbinding Video Shows 1 Woman Photoshop Her Selfie Beyond Recognition

#美拍修修臉 俗話說得好:「世界上沒有醜女人,只有不會用美圖秀秀的女人 <3 」來自官方用戶@美圖秀秀
Posted by 美拍 on Friday, December 11, 2015

We've all been guilty of tuning up a selfie just a little bit to make it Instagram worthy. Raise the contrast, choose a filter that hides dark circles, and you're set. But with the plethora of apps on the market that promise to make you look completely flawless, it has been impossible to keep up with the clear-complexion competition.

This video reveals how — with some precise tweaking — you can completely change what you look like. The model here uses a Photoshop-like program to narrow her nose, widen her eyes, and lighten her complexion, then layers in a makeup-applying tool to add blusher and eyeliner. The finished product looks nothing like her true face.

The fact that people don't feel beautiful in their own skin is truly heartbreaking. The point of sharing a makeup-free selfie is to feel comfortable exposing your flaws . . . not to appear superhuman. Instead of focusing on how to change our looks to unrealistic beauty standards, we should work to strengthen our self-confidence. As we go into 2016, we're using this video as a reminder to love our selfie — dark circles and all.

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