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How Much Do Women Spend on Beauty?

It's Official: Women From Leeds Are the Most High-Maintenance

Have you ever wondered exactly how much money you spend on beauty? Whether you're a makeup addict, a spa-lover, or a nail-art enthusiast, women in the UK tend to have a pretty big budget when it comes to their appearance, with over 70 percent admitting to being conscious about the way they look. But what part of your body do you value the most? And how much are you actually willing to spend on different treatments?

According to a survey conducted by Totally Money, Leeds is the front runner when it comes to spending habits, with local respondents ready to spend up to £7,000 a year, over £1,000 of which comes from teeth-whitening products and procedures. London came second, with a preference for face products, followed by Coventry, where spa days and hair appointments seem to be the beauty treats of choice.

So, which cities spend the most in the name of beauty? And does it accurately depict your spending habits?

Image Source: Totally Money
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