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We Found a Product That Removes Gel Polish at Home in Under a Minute

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If you are a gel-nail-polish wearer, stop what you're doing and read this immediately!

We've finally found an easy and quick way to remove gel polish at home, without ruining your nail plate. Sound to good to be true? Well it isn't! Elliona is the world's first at-home gel-removal system in gel form. The product claims you'll no longer have to soak your nails in acetone and painstakingly sit with your fingers wrapped in tin foil, as the complete gel-removal process takes no longer than 1-2 minutes start to finish. The product aims to offer a safer and healthier way to remove your gel manicure, as there is no redness or irritation caused by frequent use of acetone. Say hello to healthy cuticles, people.

I am an avid at-home gel polish user and I have to admit despite my best efforts I often resort to the frowned-upon removal process of peeling, and I know I'm not alone. For that reason, I couldn't wait to give this a go! To use Elliona, you buff off the top layer of gel with a file to break the seal and shine, then apply a thick layer of the removal gel to the nail plate, wait for the gel to activate (making the colour of the gel go cloudy) and then begin using your choice of tool to lightly scrape off the gel polish.

When I used Elliona for the first time, I found that the nail had to be completely saturated in the gel with a thick layer and left for about a minute (the amount of time you have to leave it on for will depend what type of gel polish you have used and how many gel layers you've used). Once soaked, I began to use the metal tool to remove the gel but soon got worried about damaging my nail plate. I switched to a wooden cuticle stick, which did the job just as well. When most of the gel had been removed, I used my thumb nail to lightly peel off the remaining polish. It came off so easily and seems to have left absolutely no damage to my nail plate. I was so surprised with the results and will definitely be my preferred removal choice when taking off my own and others gel nails.

The best part? It's cheap! You can buy Elliona now from selected Tesco stores, Tesco online, and QVC for £6-£12.

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