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How To Salve Chapped Skin, Sunburn, Insect Bites and Beauty Distasters. Bliss Spa Launch Problem Salved Stick.

New Product Alert: Bliss Problem Salved

From chicken skin legs after waxing to over plucked brows in need of some soothing, we're all guilty of some heinous beauty crimes against our bodies. Dry heels and cuticles are my two current least favourite things, while I'm so pleased I was extra careful this summer with using suncream. Quite a few of my less protection-obsessed friends have started complaining of the dry texture and general washed-out look their skin has now their tans have faded for good.

Taking it's cue from Superman's and Wonder Woman's outfits of blue, red and white; Bliss Spa have just launched an all-round rescue salve to 'salve the day'. Cue Bliss Problem Salved (£14). This simple stick wonder is a cure-all for your myriad beauty mishaps. Dubbed a 20-in-1 miracle balm it's ideal for banishing any beauty baddies from your skincare routine.

For how the multi-purpose product can solve your skin crises, just read more.

An anti-irritant complex is the basis of the balm. It includes ginger extract plus mango butter, which is traditionally used for it's skin soothing properties. Kukui nut oil, which is used as a salve for sunburn, makes for an effective, yet indulgent formulation. The ingredients were all chosen to be super healing on chapped skin in order to create a locked-in moisturising effect with no greasy residue. Meanwhile, vitamins A, C and E protect the skin, whilst the tea tree oil has natural anti-bacterial qualities that help to combat sores and insect bites, and can be used on even the most sensitive skin.

This easy-to-use stick is perfect for :

  • Soothing sunburn and windburn.
  • Soothing the skin after waxing, especially on small areas like eyebrows and bikini line.
  • Adding moisture to chapped heels, elbows and knees.
  • Moisturising chapped noses during colds, the flu and allergies.
  • Preventing blisters from shoes or chapping due to jogging.
  • Taming flyaways in the hair and grooming eyebrows.
  • Nourishing the cuticles to keep your manicure looking fresh.
  • Soothing stinging and itching from insect bites.
  • Nourishing stressed-out or dry skin all over the body.
  • Calming irritated skin caused from dermalogical procedures such as micro-dermabrasion or AHA's.
  • Providing a quick fix for makeup mistakes.

Wow, that's quite a list, huh? I love how it's based on natural beauty fixes, such as using ginger on sunburnt skin. Time to stick it to your beauty woes.

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