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How to add volume to your hair, the easy way. Beauty and hair tips from BellaSugarUk.

A Quick Tip For Voluminous Hair

The days of flat, ironed-straight hair are well and truly over. Now, it's all about big, bouncy styles and expensive-looking volume. Great, if you've just walked out of a salon, not so easy at home.

Volumising products certainly help, try MOP Glisten Volumising Spray, (£10.99), on wet hair, before you blow dry. If you have thin or flat hair, it also makes sense to blow dry upside down, at least until your hair is about half dry. Adding just a tiny bit of mousse first, like Trevor Sorbie Rejuvenate Mousse, (£4.49), will help fluff up your style.

My other top tip, for next-day, super-volumised hair is easy peasy, but it actually works. Just read more

Before going to sleep just tip your head upside down. Hold the very ends of your hair with one hand and the hair near your scalp with the other.

Gently twist the hair into a loose, top knot that should sit tight on the very top of your scalp. Knot with a bobble and tuck in the ends under the front section of hair, so that any oils from your scalp can be transferred onto the dry ends.

The next morning when you take out the bobble your hair will likely be looking very bed-head! Carefully brush your hair, starting from the ends, to tame the volume a little.

Whenever I do this it looks like I've just come straight from a professional blow dry, instead of my duvet. It's a great trick for hang-over days too.


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