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How to apply individual false eyelashes - quick beauty tip from BellaSugarUK

A Quick Tip For Natural Fake Lashes

If you want Bambi-esque, come-hither eyes, then sometimes fake lashes are the only way to flutter. They work particularly well at a dressy event, when you're wearing a lot of eye makeup and want to balance out your winged eyeliner with some lengthy lashes. For really natural looking eyelashes, it's better to go for individual falsies, as they have less of the drag queen about them. Try Screenface Individual Lashes, (£4.95).
Here's how:

  • First use eyelash curlers and your usual mascara to enhance what you already have. This way you'll see if there are any parts of your lashes that aren't as full.
  • Apply some eyelash glue to the back of your hand then take a pair of tweezers and carefully dip the end of the false lashes into the glue, wait a few minutes until the glue is slightly tacky.
  • Press the false lashes onto the base of your lashes, from midway to the outer corner, for maximum effect. Use three or four of the individual falsies.
  • Apply black eyeliner to blur the join and to give you sultry, kittenish eyes


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