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Illamasqua Brand Film

Illamasqua Makes a Beautiful Brand Movie

Illamasqua has never been a shy type of company. They like to make an impression with their colourful products and figured they may as well extend this creativity into their adverts. That's why, instead of sending out press releases or putting a tonne of effort into print campaigns, they've created a six and a half minute film. Julian Kynastan, owner of Illamasqua drew his inspiration from a 2006 British movie and TV series called This Is England. The story revolves around subcultures in the UK, and specifically about the stereotypes surrounding skinheads in the 1980's. The points made in the movie resonated so strongly with Julian, that he decided to hire actress Vicky McClure as the lead in the Illamasqua film. Julian said,

"We are a British professional brand, and I see it as only respectful that we support British professional acting talent. We loved the way Vicky acted a role that smashed pre conceptions. For that, she is our muse. Vicky’s character sets the perfect example of both self-expression and cultural tolerance: two themes that are at the heart of Illamasqua."

Leave a comment with your thoughts about the short below, and if you liked it, get ready for another one due in the middle of November about a conversation between Vicky and her alter-ego!

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