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Jason Momoa's Tattoos: A Guide and What They Mean

A Comprehensive Guide to Jason Momoa's Tattoos

Jason Momoa's Tattoos: A Guide and What They Mean
Image Source: Getty / Jon Kopaloff


  • Jason Momoa's tattoos range in size, theme, and location.
  • Last year, Momoa got a head tattoo, but the rest of his ink are located on his arms, legs, and hands.
  • Two popular themes in Momoa's tattoos are his family and work.

Jason Momoa's tattoo collection on screen may not be anything to scoff at, but his ink in real life are also pretty major. The "Aquaman" actor is no stranger to body art, both big and small. From sentimental family mementos to fun sketches, Momoa's body art are scattered across his arms, legs, and now head, too. That's right — in 2022, Momoa added an expansive tattoo to the side of his shaved head, marking his 10th known tattoo.

Most of Momoa's tattoos are fairly well known, but a few of his designs stay hidden beneath his clothes. Possibly his most iconic work of body art is the tribal shark-tooth pattern on his forearm, which is inspired by his family's 'aumakua, a guardian or god in Hawaiian mythology. He also has a few small tattoos on his hands and fingers, like the design of a skull on one and a mysterious line on the other.

Family and friends are very important to Momoa, and his tattoos reflect that. He has a matching tattoo with his stepdaughter, Zoë Kravitz; a design for his two kids; and ink in memory of a friend who has passed — as well as the aforementioned ink inspired by his Hawaiian lineage. Another theme in the actor's tattoos is his work. In addition to working as an actor, Momoa owns two production companies, which also show up in his tattoo collection.

Ahead, take a peek at all of Momoa's tattoos, and learn the meaning behind each design.

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