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Jennifer Lopez Shocked By Victoria's Beckham's New Pixie Crop. Photo of J-Lo and Posh New Hair Cut

Jennifer Lopez Shocked by Posh's Chop

Jennifer Lopez has been really busy recently, what with the launch of her new perfume for men and partying at Milan Fashion Week. She's also revealed that she was stunned when she first saw her friend Victoria Beckham's new hair cut.

According to rumours, Jennifer has been saying she had no idea Posh was going to go for such a drastic change. According to Marie Claire, J-Lo admitted "I was so shocked. I arranged to meet up with her the day she had it done." It seems Posh had kept her hair plans a secret. J-Lo revealed "She didn't tell me what she was doing, so I turned up and there she was with this incredibly short black hair. I was knocked out!"

Jennifer, who isn't known for making drastic style changes, particularly in terms of her hair cut and colour was obviously impressed by Victoria's daring pixie cut. She added "I told her she looked like Audrey Hepburn. I think she's such a great girl."

How about you, do you agree with J-Lo or are you not a fan of Posh's gamine cropped hair cut?

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