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Julie Verhoeven ESPA Scarf Collaboration

Christmas Come Early — Julie Verhoeven Creates Scarf For ESPA

Two icons in British fashion and beauty have come together for a Christmas collaboration. Julie Verhoeven, who has previously collaborated with Louis Vuitton, Versace, Mulberry and Loewe, has designed a limited edition scarf for ESPA. The skincare product and spa brand has been celebrating its British heritage throughout 2012, including a collaboration with The Serpentine Gallery, and this inspired Julie, who says: "I wanted to produce a visual that evokes an atmosphere of tranquility and an emotive sense of warmth. I tried to have a gentle touch on the page and project a sense of desirability and individuality, reflecting the brand and their ethos." The Limited Edition Gift Set will go on sale from Oct. 5 for £65 and contain the exclusive scarf and an ESPA Body Silk Spray. What do you think of the collaboration?

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