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Kardashians All Have Birkin Bags

Is There One Fashion or Beauty Item You Covet?

Holy bananas! I was looking at these photos of the Kardashian ladies last week when they were in Los Angeles shopping for bridesmaids dresses and all four of them — yes mama Kris included — was rocking a Hermes Birkin bag. Those puppies retail for about £5,500 to £90,000 a pop. I've also seem Kim toting a white Birkin around Los Angeles, too. Imagine owning two of them? In my lifetime, I think it would be amazing to own just one . . . a black one, in fact. I remember when my mother told me that she dreamed of owning a bottle of Chanel No. 5 once, and it's something I've never forgotten. What's your dream fashion or beauty purchase?

Image Sources: Getty, WireImage and Xposure Photos
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