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Kat Von D Metal Crush Highlighter Palette

What Is Kat Von D Up to With This Sneaky Metal Crush Palette Reveal?

If you were excited to learn that Kat Von D is releasing a highlighter version of her popular Metal Crush eye shadow, then we hope you're sitting down, because the news gets even better.

On Oct. 5, the businesswoman posted a sneak peek on Instagram of something that looks like a palette. At first, we thought this might be a Christmas collection of her bestselling eye shadows. But another view of this gallery post shows that the palette actually has "Highlighter" written on the packaging. So, if this Instagram is to be believed, the Metal Crush will now come in palette form. The more, the merrier!

If you recall, Kat herself teased Metal Crush Highlighter by saying that the gorgeously shimmering gold powder would "blind everyone." Indeed, if you take a look at the product's prototype (below), you can see it gives off a flare effect that is positively twinkling.

Just the iridescent powder would be magical enough, but this packaging looks like next-level fairy tale. We're digging how the usually goth KVD line went a wee bit unicorn with this metallic rainbow palette.

All we know about this secret project is that it's "coming soon," so, as usual, we'll keep you updated on when you can blind all of your friends with Metal Crush.

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