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Katy Perry Coloured Hair Extensions

Sugar Awards 2010: Best Colourful Hair Extensions

This year's reader's choice award for best colourful hair extensions goes to the newly married, shiny-haired, singing pop sensation Katy Perry! She won in a landslide vote, however I've dared to disagree and have given my own Editor's award to Nicki Minaj. Whilst Katy's hair is no doubt fun, flirty and daring, I feel like Nicki really takes it to another level with her bold and unique use of colour.

Thank you all for casting your votes all year long on my beauty-related polls. It's been so much fun reading your comments and getting to know you a little bit better. For a last bit of 2010 fun, don't forget to check out the rest of this year's Sugar Awards 2010 winners here!

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