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Kaushal Beauty Instagram Makeup Video

This 1 Blogger Has a Powerful Message About Instagram Makeup

With the popularity of social media, a good number of us probably spend a considerable amount of time scrolling our feeds and taking in what's new, getting cutting-edge makeup inspiration and generally admiring the beautiful, aspirational lives of Instagram's most fabulous posters. What's not to love? These brief glimpses into seemingly perfect lives give us #goals to aspire to. But when do these goals become somewhat depressing because they are so hard to obtain?

What many of us sometimes forget (as it's very easy to) is that a lot of these bloggers are using gifted products the rest of us could only dream of owning, as well as expensive filming and editing equipment, and sometimes a team behind them to create the perfect authentic lifestyle image. But when does this staged authentic lifestyle appear so normal that non-bloggers forget what really is normal? This doesn't mean that those perfectly poreless Instagram makeup shots aren't beautiful, because they are and, in my opinion, are a form of artistic expression. However, these photos are not real life and often we need to be reminded of this.

Kaushal Beauty is a beauty blogger and YouTuber with 1.7 million followers on Youtube and 666K (eeek) followers on Instagram. She's part of the L'Oréal beauty squad, and you've probably seen her in The Body Shop adverts. Recently Kaushal sat down (bare-faced) to film a video on her feelings about Instagram makeup and how she uses filming and editing equipment to keep her content as real as possible. She discusses how the portrayal of makeup online is very different to that of makeup offline. In her own words, she wants to give people a "little insight into how much goes into filming videos and makeup images and content all over social media" to help those that might be feeling self-conscious about the world of makeup online. On a side note, I think we can all agree that Kaushal's no-makeup look will make you rethink those freckles you once thought weren't pretty!

She is committed to making all of her content as true to life as possible, which she shows and explains through her video. If you find yourself wanting to know first-hand what goes into that perfect Instagram makeup shot, watch this video. We applaud Kaushal for keeping it real for her followers in an increasingly filtered online community.

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