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Ke$ha Makeup

Which AMA Beauty Look Do You Like Best on Ke$ha?

Last night at the American Music Awards in Los Angeles, singer Ke$ha rocked both the stage and the red carpet with four different beauty looks. She arrived wearing a totally rad goth getup with studs lining her eyebrows, pewter lipstick and a spikey, teased mohawk. Then she changed into a mullet-like wig and put some red lipstick on her cheek and gold lipstick on her cheeks for an edgy, punky feel. For the actual awards, she wore a pretty pale pink dress and smoothed her hair out into structured waves, yet gave the Old Hollywood look a modern feel with golden lips. Finally, for her performance, she let her hair fall loose and donned bright red lips. Which outrageous beauty look do you like most on Ke$ha?

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