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Krys Ivory Hair

Love It or Hate It? Krys Ivory's Retro Waves

Up and coming American R&B singer, Krys Ivory rocked a short retro-waved hairstyle at last night's Young Hollywood Awards in Los Angeles. This is the first time I've payed much attention to Krys on the red carpet, but rest assured, we'll be seeing a lot more from this 23-year old as her talents stretch far beyond just singing into dancing, writing and drawing.

Also, did you know that Krys had just battled and beaten cancer? Amazing. She's gifted, beautiful and heroic. I'm one to appreciate the intricacies of a complex hairdo and this is the work of an expert. Check out her perfect parts and carefully crafted curls that look slick, but not oily. What do you think of this hairstyle? Is it something you'd wear?


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