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Kylie Lip Kit Love Bite Swatch Hickey

This "Swatch" of Kylie's Love Bite Lip Kit Will Make You Crack Up

Kylie and her famous Lip Kits are often buzzy on social media, but this time, it's for a totally different reason. Twitter user @Ashsardella8's above tweet has been re-tweeted thousands of times after Kylie Jenner herself shared it. "New swatch is true to its name," she said. The picture shows someone holding up the recently-launched Love Bite shade next to a particularly aggressive hickey. As you can see, the colour-matching is flawless, proving Kylie's dedication to her craft.

@Ashsardella8 was quick to point out to her multitude of new followers that the bruise was not hers, but gave Kylie a shoutout for making "her entire day." If you're interested in snapping up the rich plum-brown Love Bite, you can still shop it here on the Kylie Cosmetics website. We recommend you act fast though. The hue's new celebrity status may make it sell out.

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