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Latest New Spa Treatment: Live Snake Massage.

Live Snake Massage to Lower Stress

Sometimes it seems that the beauty world is a little cuckoo. Recently we've had viper poison in face creams for anti-ageing effects, Victoria Beckham's belief that bird poo is good for the complexion and botox for feet. Now the spa world is getting in on the act and offering live snake massages to lower stress. According to Time Magazine a spa in Israel is giving customers the gift of a slippery back rub.

The massage (£40) comes complete with six non-venomous snakes that slither around on your back to promote a feeling of calm. Venomous or not, I'm not sure how relaxed I'd feel in this situation but apparently the treatment is great for lowering stress, as well as easing muscle aches and pains.

For how the snake massage works just read more.

"Some people said that holding the snakes made them feel better and more relaxed," the salon owner and founder of the massage Ada Barack told Time, "One old lady said it was soothing, like a cold compress."

The snakes used in the treatment are strictly of the non-dangerous variety and include a variety of king, corn and milk snakes. There are also little ones to provide a light 'fluttering' effect on the body, while the larger ones are ideal for a more intensive massage. Ada admits that "people either like it a lot or they hate it". Many of her regular clients claim that the snakes help ease migraines and soothe sore muscles.

I have to admit I sometimes feel squeamish when my massage therapist has scaly hands but I can imagine that once the panic wears off this could be quite soothing. How about you, would you have this treatment?


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