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Latest Plastic Cosmetic Surgery Trend: The New New Face. Collagen, Botox, Injectables. Face Like Madonna, Demi Moore

Maybe Baby: The New New Face Part 2

Celebrity skin doctor, Dr Brandt has been credited with kick-starting the latest trend in facial cosmetic surgery. Created through a series of skin-plumping fillers, injectables and botox, as oppose to the traditional, skin-tightening face lift, it's been dubbed The New New Face.

The Observer Woman suggests that all the teenage celebrities that are suddenly red carpet material, may go someway to explain this new aesthetic. Certainly if you think of Peaches Geldof, Miley Cyrus, Alexa Chung and even model Lily Cole, it's true that while they may have super-slender, size 8 figures; their faces do still have that rosy, plumped-up look that suggests a hint of teenage baby fat.

For why this look is now being craved by women in their forties and fifties, simple read more.

This baby-faced look is now being craved by women in their forties, fifties and sixties, for whom having fillers has become almost as normal as applying face cream. Volume, it seems, is not just for tulip skirts and funnel sleeves; now we all want volumised faces too.

The real problem with all this 'work' being done is that as a society we get so attuned to seeing enhanced and airbrushed faces, that when we look at the normally ageing skin of ourselves, our friends and family, it can seem out-of-proportionally old. As with photo-shopping your holiday pics, surely after a while the temptation is to try and look more and more perfect, more and more smooth and plumped up, until you don't look like yourself anymore. Even Dr Brandt admits "People just don't see themselves". Maybe it's time we all stepped away from the mirror.


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