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Marian Newman Talks About New Book Nailed It

Nail Artist Marian Newman On Her New Book, Fashion Week, and What It’s Like to Massage Brad Pitts’ Hands

Marian Newman Talks About New Book Nailed It
Image Source: Marian Newman

Marian Newman is the name in nails. You'll usually find her backstage at the big four fashion weeks creating some truly incredible nail art. Throughout her extensive 23 years working in fashion and beauty, she's regularly collaborated with some of the most respected creatives in the industry, such as photographer Nick Knight, makeup artist Val Garland, and hairstylist Sam McKnight to create iconic editorial and runways looks. And now Marian is sharing all of her tips, tricks, and insider stories in her new book, Nailed it: Nails, Fashion, Technique. We caught up with the nail expert, who shared what it's like to give Brad Pitt a hand massage and work with Alexander McQueen. Keep reading to get all of your pressing (get it) nail questions answered.

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