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Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen With Blonde Hair | July 2016

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen Got Twinning Dye Jobs — and They look Stunning

When we idolised the Olsens back in the 1990s (Two of a Kind, anyone?), it was pretty difficult to tell them apart — though true superfans always knew who was who. But as they got older, it became easier to identify them. Their phenomenal senses of style differ: Mary-Kate opts for more bohemian vibes, while Ashley prefers to appear more feminine. Their hair colours have often starkly contrasted as well, with Mary-Kate typically going with broodier shades of brunette.

However, the duo's coifs have synced up again, proving that '90s looks are really getting a second life these days. The twins appeared at an event in Los Angeles with silky blonde strands. Ashley's mane is closer in hue to platinum, but they truly do look similar — and equally stunning.

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