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Maybelline Master Chrome Peach Highlighter Swatches

We Know What Maybelline's Newest Master Chrome Looks Like β€” and It's Just Peachy!

Over the last several months, Maybelline has taken to Twitter to tease its new trio of Facestudio Master Chrome Duo Chrome highlighters. In late Fall, the brand shared a sneak peek of its rose gold shade, which promises to flatter a multitude of skin colours thanks to a mixture of both warm and cool undertones. Then earlier this week, it dropped deets on a deep gold highlighter that's giving us major Fenty vibes.

As of today, the trifecta has been announced in its entirety. The brand posted a swatch shot of another Master Chrome highlighter β€” a glorious shade of peach that sparkles just right.

While the rose gold option is on drugstore shelves as we speak (er, write), we're still awaiting details on when the other two will hit shelves. We're guessing we're only a couple more months out tops, though! While we wait, we'll be salivating over all these teasers and dreaming of perfect poolside cheekbones.

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