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Meet Me at McDonald's Haircut

"Meet Me at McDonald's" — the Bizarre Haircut That's Getting Banned in British Schools

If you hear the words "meet me at McDonald's," you just assume someone's organising a meeting point for a cheeseburger and milkshake, right? According to the internet, you're wrong. It's actually the new trendy haircut for teens (usually boys), and it's already been banned from some schools in the UK.

The haircut is characterised by being shaved very short on the sides with longer, "floppy" hair on the top, often with lots of curls (we knew the perm was coming back!). The name apparently comes from an NSFW Twitter account, which used a variation to describe a group of teenage boys who all look alike and probably meet at McDonald's.

The viral cut is supposedly being banned from schools because it's not smart enough for a school environment. Great Yarmouth Charter Academy in England sent letters to parents stating that the cut is inappropriate and "unacceptable." The school threatened to send kids home to restyle their hair before returning to classes. The main issue seems to be with the sharp contrast between the top and bottom of the cut; the letter suggested the top was "trimmed or layered in" to create less of a sharp line.

Though teens are the ones making the cut (in)famous, they aren't the only ones sporting the look. Celebrities such as Myles Stephenson, a member of Rak-Su, a band featured on the UK version of The X Factor, also sport the '80s-inspired 'do.

Should you need even more "meet me at McDonald's" inspiration, scroll until your heart is content here. Just be careful to check what your kids' school thinks of the trend before you book in at the barbers!

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