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Men Getting Botox and Cosmetic Surgery On Increase. Men Worry About Wrinkles Too

More Men Getting Botox Than Ever Before

Men are increasingly becoming hooked on beauty products because they are unhappy about stealing our moisturiser and wearing their own eyeliner. Now, The New York Times tells how use of botox amongst our menfolk is on the rise. The paper states that Allergan has started marketing botox to men, with the help of Olympic gold medal swimmer Mark Spitz.

Apparently, plastic surgeons say that men often require higher doses than women because of the structure of their faces. Slightly thicker skin plus more 'angry' brow lines and horizontal forehead lines mean that men generally get injections in slightly different facial areas to women, who are more likely to complain about vertical lines between the brows.

For how men and women use botox differently just read more.

According to the article, men also take a different approach to women in the fight against aging. Even men that get injections wait longer between appointments than their female counterparts. “Men tolerate the return of wrinkles better,” says Dr. Alan Gold, the president of the American Society For Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. “They’re not as bothered as quickly. Women sit in front of a mirror putting on makeup every day and are acutely aware of changes.”

Most men it seems do feel the pressure to look younger, but we all know that seeming younger isn't just about having good skin. A youthful attitude, plenty of enthusiasm and keeping healthy can knock years off too, whatever your sex. How do you feel about the men you know getting botox?


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