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Mischa Barton Wet Hair, Mischa Barton Hair, Do You Let Your Hair Air Dry?

Do You Let Your Hair Air Dry?

Actress Mischa Barton may look like she's cavalier about letting her hair dry she sips coffee and smokes a fag in New York City, but the reality of this photo is that she's actually on set waiting to into hair and makeup for her new TV show The Beautiful Life. I know a lot of ladies who don't blow dry their hair. Some have curly q's and avoid dryers as they cause frizz, whilst others are simply low maintenance and/or don't want to cause heat damage to their precious locks. I on the other hand can't afford to let my hair dry naturally as it just winds up looking messy and unkempt. How about you — do you ever just let your hair dry on its own?

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