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Model Rain Dove Posts About Body Hair

1 Model Posted About How Body Hair Is NBD — and We're Cheering

We've seen celebrities like Lourdes Leon and Cardi B show off their body hair like it's NBD (because, in case you missed it, it isn't!). Now, nonbinary model and activist Rain Dove has added her voice to the cause of destigmatising female furriness.

As Teen Vogue reports, former firefighter posted a video that showed her removing hair from her legs, armpits, and pubic are, and gluing some fuzz to her face.

Though she admitted some might find the clip's content "gross," Rain wrote "To me what is actually 'gross' is how much shame people feel for their body being in its natural state. Not everyone naturally has body hair, but those that do (especially those that society identifies as 'female') are taught from a young age that their hair is disgusting. Not of their identity. Not pleasant for others. Something to be ashamed of and removed."

Rain then went on to note the importance of body hair to begin with, "That it takes for the hair to exist on your body, should you have it, is a wonderful maze of science that requires a perfect combination of occurrences. Your hair is there to protect You from the suns rays, the environment, and even bacteria that clings to the body by bringing it farther from your skin. It's functional. A part of your mechanics."

While Rain doesn't want to shame or call out people who chose to remove body hair, she ended her post on a positive note: "No amount of shaving or waxing will ever create true beauty." Well said!

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