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Mother's Day Beauty

BellaSugar's Mother's Day Gift Guide: The Mum to Be

Dr Lipp at ShopStyle

With Mother's Day just around the corner, it's time to start browsing gifts for the one that brought you life. This week, my buddy FabSugar UK and I will be bringing you the latest fashion and beauty goodies to help you celebrate in style.

Even if you're not gifting your biological mum, it's fair to say, that anyone who's cared and nurtured you from a wee age deserves their day of recognition.

However, today's gifts are actually for a special kind of mom; a mother to be. Perhaps you have a friend, aunt, sister, or co-worker that is expecting. Help them prepare with a few beauty-related treats like this famous Dr. Lipp Original Nipple Cream for Lips.

This Norwegian nursing salve was originally created for sore, swollen and cracking nipples, but has been reformulated for use virtually anywhere on the skin in need of some TLC. It is proven to help reduce dryness by 40% within the hour (the secret soothing agent is the medical grade lanolin). Happy shopping!

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