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Nail Art Made With Real Bones

Nail Art Made From Real Bones Is the Creepiest Manicure Trend We've Ever Seen

We're constantly amazed by the creativity and new ideas that come in the form of nail art, but this new trend just took originality to a whole new level. Asa Bree Sieracki is a "gel nail art connoisseur," and she's caught our attention with this manicure made from REAL BONES! We kid you not. The nail artist, who is based in Portland, OR, made this manicure from actual mouse and rodent bones.

"Don't worry, they were humanely sourced from owl pellets and have been naturally repurposed," Asa explained on Instagram. (Pellets are the undigested bits — including bones and feathers — of an owl's diet, which it coughs up about 12 hours after it eats.) What a creepy and clever way to upcycle! It almost feels unnatural that these nails weren't designed with Halloween in mind, but they're still totally mesmerising. As long as no animals were hurt for this manicure, we're cool with the idea, but we're still on the fence if we'd try this for ourselves. Would you try using real bones to spice up your nail art?

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