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Natural Hair Emoji 2018

Finally, Natural Hair Emoji May Be a Reality in 2018!

We were over the moon when we learned redhead emoji were officially coming in 2018. Now, it looks like we'll see another step forward for more diverse representations of people, this time with natural hair.

On Dec. 4, Unicode Consortium (responsible for choosing emoji for all platforms) debuted its potential new ones for 2018. They won't be finalised until January 2018, but so far the curly hair emoji are a promising addition. In the proposal available to the public, the official description of these emoji says that they're "used to represent either curly or afro hair." Natural hair vlogger Ciara Anderson (this photo of her in particular) was cited as inspiration for the emoji. As with all emoji, the curls will be available on a range of skin tones.

Despite the necessary addition of natural hair to the emoji catalogue, it seems Twitter was rather underwhelmed with the proposed illustration. "Sis got a whole mullet...deep down we knew this was coming," Twitter account @blkgirlculture critiqued. Many replies all had the same sentiment.

Others, however, were celebrating the fact that a natural hair emoji could finally be an option.

What do you think? Are you pleased with the natural hair emoji or think it could be better? Sound off in the comments.

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