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New Product Alert: Organic Pharmacy Tan Accelerator

Organic Pharmacy is coming out with some beauties at the moment! I loved it's organic mascara which launched in March. Now the company has unveiled a new natural Tan Accelerator (£29.95). The product hits stores this month and is said to help encourage a rich deep tan using betacarotene, kapi kacchu and plant extracts.

I got my hands on a sample and its certainly a glam addition, with metallic bronze labelling. The cream is slightly pigmented using mineral bronzing powder, so gives a light terracotta. It's 100 natural and 92 percent organic, which is pretty good, and smells divine thanks to the addition of vanilla. (Like a holiday in a bottle!)

The Tan Accelerator part works by using this mixture of plant extracts, along with aloe, to stimulate melanin production, the skin's colour pigment. By doing so, it means you can achieve the same colour but in a faster time.

Does it work? Its difficult to tell. Tan accelerators are a bit of a gray area because there are so many variables, not least your skin type. On mine, fair, it applied beautifully and gave a lovely bronzed effect. My skin does appear to be picking up the sunshine and is certainly more moisturised. (watch this space for updates.)

Are you a fan of tan accelerators?

Photo courtesy of Organic Pharmacy

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