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New Summer 2008 Beauty Product Review Ted Baker Heavenly and Divine Body Cream, Body Spray and Gold Shimmer Lotion

New Product Alert: Ted Baker Heaven Sent

Ted Baker's beauty range is all about the girlie and the gorgeous. With bright pink and purple packaging, it's very much an unashamedly cute line. This summer, they've launched two new, very feminine fragrances, the Divine range – which includes bergamot and tangerine, and the even sweeter, Heavenly range.

Now, I have to admit, I'm getting the impression these products are aimed at a much younger consumer. I know my sixteen year old niece, would just love the fragranced body spray, (£5.95), for example, and the overly packaged, handbag-and-shoes motifs all over the boxes, did induce slight feelings of nausea.

However, the products are actually quite impressive. For why just read more

The Divine Relaxing Bath Soak, (£5.45), smelt vanilla-y and slightly peachy, as well as being lovely and bubbly. I also liked the Heavenly Rich Body Souffle, (£5.95) which had a light fluffy texture, although it was quite sticky. It smelt very fresh and feminine too, and would be perfect as an everyday body moisturiser, for normal (as in not too dry) or young skin.

Once you get the Body Gold, (£5.45) out of its hideous plastic box, the glass bottle looks pretty and chic. A shimmering gel formula, with gold sparkles, I was slightly dubious that this could look tacky and unwearable. On the contrary, my dear readers – you only need a tiny bit, but it gives a great glow.

Use sparingly, on shoulders, arms and decolletage, for a subtle shimmery look. The bright gold shade works best on dark skin, but it would be great for midsummer parties or post-beach, holiday glamour.

A sweet treat for girlie girls.

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