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NikkieTutorials Full Face Glitter Challenge

This Is What Would Happen If We Tried the Full Face of Glitter Tutorial at Home

NikkieTutorials provides viewers with endless stunning makeup inspiration, entertaining videos, and hilarious makeup challenges. Her latest makeup venture was trying out the full face of glitter challenge, first seen on the likes of Miriam Marroquin, Katie Butt and, John Kuckian. However, unlike many of Nikkie's videos that create a beautiful masterpiece the majority of us viewers could only dream of recreating, her glitter makeup does not turn out as expected. Her eye makeup is magical, but she has struggles with applying glitter to the rest of her face. In true Nikkie style, she finishes her makeup by adding a wig and saying, "When all else fails, just add a drag wig and it works." We think she looks fabulous and provides some hilariously true expectation vs. reality when it comes to trying out internet beauty trends!

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