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Nip Fab Hand Fix For Dry Hands in Winter

The Ultimate Winter Hand Fix Is Here

As soon as the temperature drops, our hands are the first to feel the cold. No sooner has the central heating been turned up than dryness, wrinkles, and ravaged cuticles rear their ugly heads, Michelle Pfeiffer-in-Stardust style. Unfortunately, wearing gloves 24/7 just isn't an option when you own a smartphone (and when it's not 1947), so the big guns need to be pulled out. Nip + Fab Dry Hand Fix (£10) combats all the signs of cold weather, with the added bonus of soaking in fast enough for you to be back to texting or typing in minutes. It's less of a cream and more of a balm, so a small tube will last a lot longer than you expect. Keep this in your handbag for fast access whenever your hands start to feel rough.

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