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Olay Everyday Sunshine Gradual Fake Tan Daily Body Moisturiser Lotion

Product Review: Everyday Sunshine

As a firm believer in gradual tanners – especially those of the budget variety – I was intrigued by the buzz around Olay Complete Care Everyday Sunshine Body Moisturiser, (£5.99).

It won Best Body Self Tanner, in the Cosmopolitan Beauty Awards, and recently every other person I compliment on their sun kissed glow, has told me it's actually Olay.

Despite being quite pale, I accidentally bought the 'deep sun-kissed' colour, so was a little apprehensive when I realised that this may not be all that natural looking. Plus I noticed my hands were looking slightly orange after I applied it, so don't forget to scrub, if you want people to think you're naturally brown.

I really liked that the consistency was creamy, and it was super-easy to apply. The only thing that put me off, slightly, was that typical biscuit-y smell that fake tans sometimes give off. That aside, there was no streaking, and the colour, which instantly looked fairly deep, was even and natural-seeming.

Everyday Sunshine has added vitamin E, as well, so your skin feels really soft and pampered. I didn't do any of the prep you're supposed to do before using a fake tan – all that exfoliating and moisturising elbows and knees – but the effect was fantastic.

I am now in a routine of using it once every three days, but if I'd chosen the lighter colour I'd probably be using it everyday to build up the tan.

Who needs the beach? Summer in the city has never been so glowing.

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