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Organic Paraben-Free Shampoo From L'Oreal

The Organic Shampoo That Delivers Results

The move to a more natural shampoo can be a shock to the system; often they lack the lather of chemically enhanced formulas, and you may miss that "squeaky clean" feel. But when your hair has been through the wars (colouring, heat styling, etc.), opting for a more gentle formula can work wonders for the condition. It's not just small organic brands that are getting in on the act; big names have tested the waters too. L'Oréal Professionel Serie Nature Purete Naturelle Shampoo (£9) is the first EcoCert-certified shampoo from L'Oréal, and it delivers results without the need for parabens, silicones or colours. It's slightly more watery than some other shampoos, but a little goes a long way. On use, you get an abundance of soft lather, and it smells fresh without being overpowering. If, for whatever reason, you're looking to ditch those chemicals, this may be the way to begin.

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