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Oyster Card Acrylic Nails

Who Needs an Oyster Card When You Can Just Swipe Your Manicure?

How often have you gotten to the bus stop or tube station, only to realise you've left your Oyster card at home? Central Saint Martins student Lucie Davis has come up with a smart and stylish solution that means you'll never forget your travel card again. Lucie, who's just completed her BA in jewellery design, has embedded the RFID chip from a Transport For London Oyster card into a set of acrylic false nails. Once applied, the nails work just like an Oyster or Chip and Pin card on London transport, as the video below shows.

Right now the nails are just a prototype created for Lucie's award-winning final collection, but given how well they've gone down with Londoners, perhaps we'll see them go into production properly at some point? If you're brave enough to chop up an old Oyster card, you may even be able to DIY this cool commuter hack. Just be aware you might raise a few eyebrows if a ticket inspector gets on your bus!

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